Our Vision

Turn day-to-day Technology Accessible

For Effective and Safe usage

To serve people with Special Needs

And help them be more Independent

All of this while focusing on:

  • Matching the right assistive technology for every person

  • Education and Practice 


Accessibility is the key in Intu.

There is a gap between the capabilities of today's technology and the wonders it can do, to the actual usage and implementation by certain audiences.

Seniors, People in Assisted Living, Blind, Visually Impaired, People with Disabilities such as Paralysis, Parkinson, Arthritis and more.

All of these can benefit greatly, gain much more independence and improve their day to day by using the right technology for the right use case for their needs.

Our services aim to solve this exact gap.

Assistive Technology

Our knowledge and experience in Assistive Technology enables us to position the person and his/her special needs in the center and build together a project around it.


A project the consists of deep understanding of the needs, matching the right solutions/technology for them, teach and escort closely until full satisfaction.

When there are gaps and needs without an existing "off the shelf" solution/product we have the capabilities to develop custom solutions.

Tech Consultancy for Senior Living Facilities

:Want to better utilize today's technology in order to

  • Improve your residents' day-to-day

  • Reduce loneliness  

  • Improve the effectiveness of your facilities' operations

  • Differentiate your facilities and services


We'll define the needs together with you, consult, plan, implement, teach and escort through the entire process